The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in the year 1998. The Department offers 3 undergraduate, two post graduate courses and PhD. The broad areas include Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Cloud computing and Information Technology.

The Department is associated with professional bodies like the IEEE Computer Society, the Computer Society of India, Cyber Society of India, Association of Computer Engineers and the Free Open Source Club.

Highlights of the Department

  •     Additional training is given to all the students regarding networking and hardware maintenance
  •     Special training is given to all the students to improve their programming skills
  •     Training is given in the open source systems
  •    Theory and practical teaching are provided through the LCD Projector
  •    Motivating the students for paper presentations and technical competition in seminars and symposia
  •    Mini projects are given to the Third Year students
  •    Assignment oriented teaching
  •    Tutorial classes for difficult subjects
  •    Wi-Fi facility provided to students even in the hostels
  •    Training and E-learning program arrangement
  •    Support for computer based English Language Communication training
  •    Uninterrupted Internet service
  •    Internet Bandwidth with a capacity of 20 Mbps
  •    Edu Centre provides the DSpace Server with which the students can access NPTL course content as well as video lecturers from eminent professors
  •    Industry relevant training are given to the students as a part of Infosys Campus Connect Program
  •    Grants are received from Government/Autonomous agencies in carrying out R&D projects/seminars/workshops/ Conferences etc.


Providing world class education in the field of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. Equip our graduates with the knowledge and expertise to contribute significantly to the computer industry and to apply techniques learned toward continued growth.


  •     Endeavoring to produce confident professionals tuned to real time working environment.
  •     Offer excellent academic environment with a team of highly qualified faculty members to inspire the students & develop their technical skills and inculcate the spirit of team work in them.
  •     Promote world class research with absolute commitment to excellence in teaching.


International workshop on Augmented reality 2017
Signed MoU with CompTIA 2017
International Conference on Social Media Data Analytics and Cloud Computing (ICSDC) 2017
Signed MoU SASHITEK Pvt Ltd., Bangalore 2017
Signed MoU with BSNL Telecommunication (RTTC, CHENNAI) 2016
Signed MoU with Pyroferous Technologies 2016
International Conference on Data Analytics and Mathematical Modeling (ICDAMM) 2016
NAAC Accredited 2015
International conference – INCETCAM 2015
International Conference – ICASG 2015
National Conference – NCISE (Information and Software Engineering) 2014
International Conference – ICASG ( Architecture, System and Green computing) 2014
National Conference - NCISE 2013
National Conference – NCASG 2013
National Conference – NCASG 2012
National Conference – NCETCAM 2011
Infosys campus connect 2009
NBA Accredited 2009
Commencement of B. E. (CSE) Programmes 1998
Under the Ambit of VMRF 2004


S. No. Programme (UG/PG/ M.Phil., Ph.D., Integrated Masters; Integrated Ph.D., etc.) Specialization Mode (Regular / Part-Time)
1 Under Graduate B.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering Full Time & Part Time
2 B.Tech – Information Technology
3 B.Tech-Computer Science and Engineering(with specialization in cloud computing)
4 Post Graduate M.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering Full Time & Part Time
5 M.Tech – Information Technology
6 Ph.D. Ph.D ( Computer Science and Engineering) Full Time & Part Time


Sl. No. Faculty/student name Type of Award
1. Dr. K. Somasundaram Highest Research Paper Publication from Aruni International Research Foundation
2. S.Rajaprakash & Dr.Jaichandran Organization committee Member– Inter. Conf -NETs2018 – Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research (ATISR.)
3. Mr.R.Jaichandran Awarded A+ in Infosys Campus connect Program -2017
4. Mr.R.Jaichandran Best researcher award- Received from Honorable Chief Minister of Pondicherry
5. Mr.R.Jaichandran Reviewer in Journal of scientific research and Report
6. Mr.R.Jaichandran Reviewer in 7th international conference on electronics, communication and networks- Taiwan
7. Mr.R.Jaichandran Reviewer in International science domain journals
8. Mr.R.Jaichandran Awarded A+ in Infosys Campus connect Program -2015
9. Mr.Jaichandran.R & Mr.Karunadhi Mishra Best Project Award in VISAI 2013 –Inter Project competition & Exhibition. VelTech
10. Mr.R.Jaichandran Awarded A+ Grade by Infosys - In Infosys Campus Connect Faculty Enablement Program
11. Mr.R.Jaichandran Won Best Paper Award in TEQIP National Conference- NMAMIT, Udupi , Karnataka
12. Dr.Dekson D.E University Rank Holder in PG from University of Madras
13. Dr.M.A.Dorairangaswamy Bharath Jothi Award
14. Dr.M.A.Dorairangaswamy Glory of India Gold Medal
15. Mr.Rajaprakash.S Best Teacher Award in AVIT


The department having well equipped computer laboratory, all class room are having provision for LCD projector and multimedia facility. Department having six well spacious class rooms, exclusive department library for students as well as staffs, spacious staff rooms with separate cabin for Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professor. The department having separate cabin for HoD, with department office to facilitate the students and parents. The department has laboratory facility for the post graduate students as well as research scholars.

Intel Intelligent Lab 30 Systems Lenova systems with Processor: INTEL CORE I5 3.2 GHZ, RAM: 4 GB DDR3,HDD: 1 TB
Cloud Computing Lab 25 Systems Lenova systems with Processor: INTEL CORE I5 3.2 GHZ, RAM: 8 GB DDR3,HDD: 1 TB
Networking and case tools lab 91 Systems
3 Printer
86 HP Systems with Intel Dual Core Processor ,1GB Ram,160gb HDD
5 Zebronics systems with Intel dual core processor ,1GB RAM,80GB HDD
1 printer - Canon LBP 2900b
2 –EPSON Dot Matrix printer
Operating system & dbms lab 71 Systems
1 Printer
• 54 DELL systems with Processor: INTEL CORE I5 3.2 GHZ, RAM: 4 GB DDR3,HDD: 1 TB
• 8 LG systems with Processor: INTEL PENTIUM 2.0 GHZ, RAM: 1 GB DDR2, HDD: 160 GB
• 7 Zebronics systems with : INTEL DUAL CORE 2.2 GHZ,RAM : 1GB DDR2,HDD: 80 GB
• 2 HP systems with Processor: INTEL DUAL CORE 1.6 GHZ, RAM:1GB DDR2, HDD:160 GB
Programming lab 45 Systems 45 Zebronics systems with Intel Dual core Processor ,1GB ram,80GB HDD


1 Dr. K. Somasundaram Professor, HOD
2 Mr. S. Rajaprakash Associate Professor
3 Dr. R. Jaichandran Assistant professor G-II
4 Ms. T. Vijila Assistant professor G-II
5 Mr. S. Muthuselvan Assistant professor G-II
6 Mrs. R. Latha Assistant professor G-II
7 Mrs. E.srividhya Assistant professor G-II
8 Mr. Karthik Assistant professor G-II
9 Dr. Nitisha Aggarwal Assistant professor
10 Mrs. R. Kamatchi priya Assistant professor
11 Mr. K. NareshKumar Assistant professor
12 Mrs. Pushpa PN Assistant professor


International Workshop on “Augmented Reality in Industry Applications”

Seminar On “It Security: Challenges And Opportunities” By CompTIA

Technical seminar on “Big Data and Analytics

Workshop on “Digital Marketing

International Conference On Social Media Data Analytic and Cloud Computing

Industrial Visit To BSNL RTTC, Maraimalai Nagar

Software Freedom Day 2K16 and CSE Department Association Inauguration

TECHSPRIT 2K16 (National Level Technical Symposium)

International Conference on “Data Analytics and Mathematical Modeling

Inauguration Of Cyber Society Of India (CYSI) Student Chapter