Department of Civil Engineering
Professor and Head

Professor and Head


B.E.,(Civil), M.E.,(Struc.), Ph.D.

Research Interests

• Steel concrete Composite
• Sustainable concrete
• Eco-Friendly construction
• Alternative ingredients for high performance concrete

Awards and Recognitions

• Reviewer for Esteemed Journals (includes Springer, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis).
• Awarded as “Incredible Academicians Researchers of India – 2021” by Record Owners.
• Appreciated with ‘Academic Leadership Award- 2021’ in the Heads-up International Glad Awards
by Global Leaders Academy of Development.



Journal Publications (SCI / Scopus / WoS) 40
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Citation 233
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Design Patent Grant 01
Conference Publications 26
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International / National Journals (Total Citation: 202, H-index: 09, i10 index: 09)

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