AVIT Induction Program (1)

Objectives of the Program

  • The objective of the Student Induction program (SIP) is to serve as a bridge between the school and college. This will help the students to have a smooth transaction from school life to college life.
  • Induction program will help students to have better perspective about the course and program outcome.
  • It will create an environment to understand and accept fellow students.
  • It will also promote early student integration with faculty, mentors and the institution.
  • SIP will create a rapport with senior students and Alumni.
  • Informative learning about campus life(cultural, sports and entertainment facilities), safety, security and health.
  • Sessions on UHV will promote values right from the initial stage of campus life.
  • SIP will introduce students to green campus initiative of AVIT campus, thereby promoting environment consciousness.
  • SIP is an opportunity to introduce the various clubs and associations in the institution and campus with focus on NSS, Rotary etc.

Student Induction Program-2023


Retrospective Reflections: Glimpses of Last Year